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PlayLife: New Models for Hospitality DesignConversation Two
Singapore Indesign conversation two started with Karen mentioning that hospitality design is no longer how it used to be. The experience of checking in and out is shifting from a forward facing over the counter exchange to a side-by-side one. Similar to the example by Matthew in conversation One about Ace Hotel, Karen talked about Langham Place Hotel in Hong Kong where she converted a business area to a restaurant/bar, Alibi.


Alibi features a L-shaped concrete bar with a seating area and serves shared plates like canapés. This also not only generated revenue for the hotel but also made a better use of the space.

  • // Airbnb a threat?

  • Carsten then asked Matthew if Airbnb was viewed as a threat to hospitality design and he said no. That it actually complement hotels since it provokes what hoteliers offer – the service, the experience. Of course it can’t be as personal as opening up your house and offering the local experience at that intimate and social a scale of Airbnb but it’s also not everyone’s cup of tea.
  • // Architectural and interior design challenges?

  • They then moved on to talk about the challenges between architectural and interior design. Ee Mun said that for architecture, plans are done 5-6 years prior to completion compared to interior where its just 5-6 months. They would also need to stay ahead of changes and demands so as to ensure that their design would be sustainable in the years ahead. Up to the day screws are in place, changes will be done. Even then, if change were to be done after, they would rip things apart and do it again.


    Karen then pointed out that even Giorgio Armani was scared when he was to design the interior of Dubai’s Burj Khalifa. Even as a fashion designer, his designs are 12-18 months in advance for the next summer/winter collection and when told that his interior designs for the building were to be 5 years in advance, he was scared. Not to mention that was his first interior design project. There were also criticisms against his designs for the hotel as some said that it resembled a past collection.

  • // Criteria to be listed in Design Hotels?

  • They were then brought to the topic of how can a hotel be listed or recognised by Design Hotels. Carsten said that they have forecasters and they reach out to experts in other areas – the visionaries, the builders and designers, to hear about their expertise in their related fields. They also take into account the authenticity of the building and design in relation to the culture and its surroundings. Of course they themselves would have to be in the know of design demands. Karen also spotted Carsten in an interview online whereby he went to a venue in its raw form, just the structures. That only goes to show the quality needed of a hotel to be listed by Design Hotels, even the bare bones are taken into consideration. Wanderlust Hotel is also one of the three hotels to be listed by them in Singapore.
The lifestyle approach is the future of hospitality design – the changing need for an enhanced environment and experience. FUSSY



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