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// Indie rocker who actually sings, not sing.

We’re hating on judges Pharrell and Adam ever since they booted out Taylor Phelan. But this isn’t gonna be about them but about the one who got eliminated before his time. Taylor Phelan’s cover of Sweather Weather during the blind auditions of The Voice 2014 was phenomenal. It has since been added to our playlist and do  note that our playlists are also fussily curated. Despite being wanted by all four judges, his journey came to an early end when he didn’t make it past the first live rounds.

Taylor seemed lost in his own world during the blinds. The look in his eyes seem, blank. That is when y’know that he is actually singing, instead of just singing. He has since uploaded videos on youtube, covering songs like Turning Page by Sleeping At Last and Chocolate by The 1975. Oh and besides being this awesome indie rocker, he’s actually a creative! Taylor’s and his wife form up Blooming House Collective, and they specialise in Branding and Event Design. Maybe that’s what made him even more interesting to us.

So yes, back to that voice.
He’s been recording some stuff lately and we really hope to hear them soon. You can check him out at the following links!

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Photo credits: Cassie Loree Photography



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