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Team Highness is focused on promoting the local hip-hop scene in Singapore. Founded by Rauzan Rahman and Rafidah Rahman, the duo has branched out into podcasts, live events and their own online tv on youtube. They also have the support of rappers Shigga Shay, Mean, G-Preme, Sweetch, Rifat Lockshire, Kira and many more. We spoke to Rauzan to find out more about what they do and the different segments they are covering.
  • // Base Live
  • Rauzan (R): Base Live is an event where we invite local hip-hop rap acts to perform live. It’s an opportunity for Singapore’s Hip-Hop music lovers to know more about their favourite rap acts in person as the host asks the artiste questions.


    Happening bi-monthly, Base Live is also the place to be for aspiring musicians to know more on how to kick start in becoming a rapper, to get their music out there and share their music with the hip-hop community in Singapore. Their next Base Live event will be held on 26 December at Aliwal Arts Centre. Find out more information over at their Facebook Event Page, or over at their Facebook.

  • // Base Online Radio
  • R: Our online radio focuses on 100% Singapore Hip-Hop music, where we introduce individual acts and their music. We share the latest music from our very own Hip-Hop artists and updates on their upcoming shows, releases, gossips and future collaborations.


    We are also working on BASE TV on our Youtube channel. We are still collecting the materials for it, but it will be up and running by Jan 2016 or even earlier.

  • // Base TV
  • R: Hosted by our diverse presenters Anna, Aaron Lazy, H!zzy and Rauzan where they will interview and cover the latest news from Singapore’s hip-hop scene. Covering events, music and even going around town to interview random people on their awareness about Singapore’s Hip-Hop scene.



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