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Trixielite, is a duo made up of Q and S who would both like to stay anonymous for now. They have been very well received by the Carousell community, with over 1000 followers and hundreds of likes on each of their bracelets. We caught up with them and found out what goes into crafting these bracelets.

  • Tell us a bit about yourself and what you do?

  • T: I am currently a full-time student pursuing a degree in psychology. During my free time, I engage in some outdoor activities to keep fit such as swimming and cycling. I am quite an adventurous person and hence, I also enjoy picking up new skills as I feel a sense of accomplishment in doing so. Recently, I took up bracelet making as it has a therapeutic effect that helps in de-stressing and, simultaneously, improves my meticulousness.

    Owing to the ease of selling items online through Carousell, I saw an opportunity to start a business with my handmade bracelets. Hence, after much deliberation and planning, my partner and I decided to set up Trixielite.

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  • What made you go into crafting bracelets?

  • T: Since young, I’ve always enjoyed gifting handmade items to my family and friends as it gave me a great sense of satisfaction upon seeing the happiness that it brought them. In my opinion, bracelets are essential wrist accessories as they are extremely versatile and can either be worn alone or matched easily with watches. They can also be further customized to our preference or to complement outfits. However, it can be quite costly to always purchase bracelets and thus, I decided to watch tutorial videos on how to make my own.

  • You have a variety of centerpieces. Are they easily available or do you have a hard time sourcing for them?

  • T: The charms used as the centerpieces are easily available as there are a large number of suppliers to choose from. However, it is a challenge to select a supplier that provides the best prices for both the centerpiece and shipping. Moreover, another difficulty that we face is in choosing a centerpiece design to be used in our bracelets as we have to consider if it would be popular among our customers.

  • Tell us about 3 of your favourite bracelets?

  • T: Svartvitt Bracelets – “Don’t define your world in black and white sometimes all we need is someone to shine our lives.”

    This is my favourite pair of couple bracelet. I particularly like how the black and white colours of the bracelet contrasts with each other, a symbolism of how life is never either black or white, and that we have to accept the grey areas, the uncertainties of life. The shiny shamballa bead as the charm represents someone special that we are able to depend on, be it a family member or a good friend, to brighten up and guide us through our lives.

  • “Stark” Bracelet – Winter is coming ❄ – House Stark, Game of Thrones

  • T: I enjoy watching the popular TV series, Game of Thrones and House Stark is my favourite house. The wolf charm used in this bracelet reminds me of House Stark’s sigil, a grey direwolf. Direwolves are loyal and intelligent creatures, traits that are both admirable and desirable. Below are two quotes that have been related to House Stark:

    “Because they carry their nobility with responsibility and honor, not arrogance.”

    “Because despite everything, the Starks always endure and survive.”

    As evident from the above quotes, the Stark family members are portrayed to be full of humility and bravery, values which resonate deeply with me as they are important to achieve success.

    I have also made a series of Game of Thrones-themed bracelets where each of the houses are represented. Feel free to take a look if you would be interested in getting one!

  • Cassiel Bracelet – Until you spread your wings, you will have no idea how far you can fly.

  • T: White howlite beads are used to represent the purity and innocence of our aspirations while the contrasting darker, grey picasso jasper beads suggest that at one point of time, we may experience self doubt which impedes our potential.

    A wing charm is used to signify how one must aspire to attain the greatest heights of their accomplishment. I hope that the wearers of this bracelet will always be reminded to step out of their comfort zone and discover the extent of their own capabilities that they never thought they had.

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  • Are there any difficulties you face when assembling or coming up with a concept?

  • T: There is a need to constantly generate new ideas to keep things fresh. This is definitely a challenge, as I have to come up with unique designs that will appeal to the masses and is hence, profitable.

    I usually get my ideas by observing the bracelet designs others wear, to determine the kind of designs that are popular at that point of time. In addition, I make bracelets that are inspired by popular TV series such as Game of Thrones to appeal to customers in their fan base.

    I also develop ideas from my customers’ customized bracelets. For example, I noticed a few of my customers customized couple bracelets for their significant other and themselves. From there, I thought of coming up with concepts for couple bracelets where the two bracelet designs have a similar theme but differ slightly from each other in the beads/ spacers/ charms used.

  • Takeaway message for readers?

  • T: Initially, I was hesitant about venturing into this business as I was unsure on how to make it successful. My experience with Trixielite has taught me that if you are keen on trying something new, don’t be too worried about failure and take a leap of faith. You might just be surprised with the returns.

Read on for more about them!

Q and S

25, Cancer // 22, Sagittarius

Website   |   Instagram   |   Carousell

Ideal Career // Q (Investment banker), S (Police officer)

Creative Approach // Don’t be crippled by your fear of failure and let your imagination run wild.

Fact // We are grateful for the support that we have received in our little venture. We are happy when customers show their appreciation for our creations as it gives us a sense of accomplishment.

Message // Just like how each bracelet appeals to different customers, we can’t expect everyone to accept us for who we are. Instead, it is more important that we focus on the people that are able to appreciate our strengths and beauty.

“Once you’ve accepted your flaws, no one can use them against you”. – Tyrion Lannister, Game Of Thrones.

FUSSY // We are very FUSSY about the seats we get in a movie theatre. If there are no available seats at the ends of the last row, we would rather catch the movie on another day than settle for the remaining seats.



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