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Steve Jobs The Lost Interview has been resurfacing of late. It’s a lost footage of an interview with him during the period he left Apple. Yes, Steve Jobs was not always with Apple. In fact, there was a 11 year gap in which, he was absent from the company he co-founded.

What we drew from that hour long interview was that he’s actually like us. Us as in Fussy. He mentioned,

“Throughout the years in business, I found something. Which was, I always ask why you do things. And the answers you invariably get are, oh that’s just the way its done. Nobody knows why they do what they do. Nobody thinks about things very deeply in the business.” (18:00)


That’s what we’ve been asking ourselves and hope to instil in others. Why are you doing things a certain way? Why are you doing what you’re doing? Why are you in your job? When you ask why, you find out about things and you better yourself in ways you never could imagine or explain. It just happens.

Steve Jobs also mentioned that although he was worth over a million at 23, ten million at 24 and over a hundred million at 25, he referred to money as “it wasn’t that important”.
He never did it for the money, though it was a wonderful thing and it enables him (and everyone else) to do things. He actually did it cause, he liked doing it.

Those who have obtained a credible amount of success have been asking themselves these questions and realising these ideals. Have you started yet?

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