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Yunroo is an illustrator who has won numerous awards including the D&AD Student Awards, and has had her works displayed in various exhibitions. A full showcase of her distinct style across different works can be better seen at her website. She has recently worked on illustrating a book written by Eve Aw, which can be bought at Epigram Books. We caught up with her to find out more about her and the book.

  • // Tell us a bit about yourself.
  • Y: I’m Yunroo, an illustrator and surface pattern designer. I was born in a tiny town in Johor, Malaysia. After graduating from LASALLE College of the Arts, I went to London to pursue my dream of being an illustrator. Since young, I’ve always been interested in drawing, but was never exceptionally good in it. It took me a lot of courage and determination before deciding to pursue an education in the arts after graduating from high school.

  • // What’s the book that you’ve recently worked on?
  • Y: “Grandma And The Things That Stay The Same” was written by its author Eve Aw. It’s a cute and heartwarming story about a girl who comes across the same scene that’s happening at home on New Year’s.
  • // Grandma And The Things That Stay The Same
  • Y: Grandma will start asking her about grades, her parents to give birth to more children, and her sister to get a boyfriend. When I first received the manuscript of the story, I was amazed by how this story managed to enrapture my heart by using so little words. It truly brought me down to memory lane, and I got a little emotional upon reading it. Therefore, when I was illustrating the story, I incorporated elements of the Chinese culture, and even included a tiny piece of my personal memory in the final illustrations. It’s the image of having our family portrait taken on the first day of New Year’s.
  • // A message from your experiences as an illustrator?
  • Y: For the readers, I think it’s important to stay true to yourself. Ask yourself what do you want, and work really hard. Things won’t go smoothly for sure, so be prepared that there’ll be setbacks. Strive on for a few years, give it time, and you’ll slowly see its outcome. Even if you’ve lost everything in the end, you still know that you’ve given your best, and that doesn’t mean that you’ve failed. For those who have no idea what your passion is, don’t panic and spend your time worrying. As humans, we learn and grow all the time, and it’s okay to have different interests. Just work on whatever that makes you happy, and you’ll slowly discover more along the way.
Read on for some facts about Yunroo!


25 // Aquarius

Ideal Career // Be successful in what I’m doing so that I can inspire whoever wishes to be an illustrator themselves

Creative Approach // Work super hard, share your work, be humble and share your knowledge

Fact // I’m super into sharing my knowledge and resources, and I think sharing is the way to foster a creative culture

Message // It’s okay to be afraid, it means that you’re stepping out of your comfort zone

FUSSY // Not too sure if I’m even fussy about anything in general, but for work, yes I’m very FUSSY about colours, and getting the wrong colours printed is an absolute nightmare for me